Page 24   Fireworks are enjoyed in both England and Hong Kong. Bernie tells his cousin, Tim, about what his family do on Bonfire Night in England on the 5th November. He seems to think that the fireworks on that night are much better than in Hong Kong. This lights Tim's fuse and he does his best to prove his cousin wrong.

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Fabulous Fireworks!

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Tim Tam

Firework Facts

  1. Mainland China makes the most fireworks in the world;
  2. The largest firework display took place in the Philippines in 2015. 810,904 fireworks were set off;
  3. The largest firework containing chocolates was made in Switzerland. It was three metres high and contained 60 kilos of chocolate;
  4. The largest firework rocket was made in the USA. It weighed 97.01 kilos and was fired in September  2014.