Hello From Me, Too

It was only when Tim Tang was walking into his apartment that he remembered that his English cousin, Bernie, was visiting. He was not going to be an easy guest to look after for he had big demands. “I’m not interested in theme parks or shopping malls,” Bernie had said. “I want to discover Hong Kong, its culture and history.” Tim looked at himself in the mirror. What was he going to do?

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Hello From Me, Too is designed to help students to enjoy their reading of English. The story is about a Hong Kong teenager, Tim Tang, being an unmotivated tour guide to his English cousin, Bernie. Like many teenagers, they are both very keen to outsmart one another.

The story allows the two boys to explain and compare their two different cultures. Is a full English breakfast better than dim sum? Can England's bonfire night on 5th November each year be better than Hong Kong's Chinese New Year fireworks over Victoria Harbour?

Whether it is food or entertainment, both boys have their own opinions and they are not afraid to express them. The text invites readers to talk about their own points of views. We hope they will enjoy reading the storybook and the supporting lessons. 

Illustrations from Hello From Me, Too